Don’t Risk it, Get the Protection and Security

Whether you are planning a business trip or a family vacation or even backpack travel; you have plenty of things to take care of. Moreover, you will be excited or occupied with your agenda on the trip. Amidst this, taking care of travel insurance is the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, many choose to skip it completely travel without any kind of insurance. Here, we highlight the risks that you face when you travel without insurance. Read on!

  • Overseas medical expenses

When traveling abroad, especially overseas, you can possibly fall sick or suffer from any injury like a sprain or a fracture. It means that you need to avail of medical help in a foreign location. The same can happen to any member if you are traveling with your family or any other group. Most of the time the bill that you need to foot is exorbitant and it can create quite a hole in your pocket. It can even ruin the rest of the trip. But with travel insurance, you get covered and the medical bills get paid by The Insurance Company according to the conditions of the policy.

  • Cancellation of the trip

There can be various reasons for you to cancel your trip at the last minute like somebody falling sick or any other personal emergency. This means that you lose the money that you invested in tickets, accommodation and any other bookings that you might have done. But travel insurance gets you covered here and you get eligible to get the reimbursement of the money invested. This safeguards your interests and you can utilize the money for rebooking at a later date once things are under control.

  • Natural calamities at your trip destination

It can so happen that the destination you plan to visit is announced unsafe because of an earthquake, hailstorm, flood or any other such natural calamity. If you have purchased travel insurance before the announcement was made, you can file a claim for the reimbursement of all the invested money. Without travel insurance, you risk losing all the money.

  • You are forced to cut short your vacation

It is not uncommon that a personal or a business crisis forces you to cut your vacation short and get back to your home. In this scenario, you tend to lose the money of the remaining travel that can be disheartening as well as financially crippling. But you can avoid the risk of losing this money merely by purchasing travel insurance.

  • Loss of baggage/delayed baggage

It is possible that your baggage is delayed or stolen at the airport or anywhere during your trip. It not only spoils your mood and the trip but also leads to a big financial loss. The experience can be devastating without travel insurance. But you can avoid the risk of such a loss by purchasing travel insurance at the same time you start booking for your trip.

  • Delayed departure

Waiting at the airport due to delayed flight is one of the most frustrating experiences while on a trip. It might also disrupt all your future bookings. It means an extra cost like sudden hotel accommodation, missed connections, etc. You can easily avoid this risk of financial loss and extra expenditure by getting yourself secured with travel insurance.

  • You need a medical airlift

It is quite possible that you or one of the family members meets with an accident and suffers some serious injuries especially in areas where road transport might not be feasible like in a mountainous area. In that scenario, you might need an airlift which is highly expensive around the globe. The cost of this airlift often leaves most in crippling debt. But you can easily avert this risk by getting travel insurance with airlift coverage.

  • Other risks

There are plenty of other risks you face while on travel like

  • Accidental death or injury
  • Loss of passport and other important documents
  • Overseas funeral expenses
  • Overseas dental treatment
  • Home burglary
  • Getting caught amidst a hijack
  • Delay in the processing of your visa leading to the cancellation of the trip

All these are unexpected and unfortunate situations that you cannot predict but can find yourself stuck in it. Apart from mental tension and trauma, it means loss of your invested finance as well as an unexpected financial burden. The only safeguard is travel insurance.

Bottom Line

As evident, there are plenty of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances that can grip you while you are planning a travel or are in the midst of it. Traveling without insurance exposes you to all risks arising from such circumstances. But the risk can be easily mitigated with travel insurance. The security and protection you get make it a must for you to buy a travel insurance plan every time you plan a trip.