Why the wonder Industry Hates Men (Part II): Real Women Love Men how they Are

However the Beauty Industry Does not.

Men, we like you simply how you are. Honest. But we are fighting a losing fight having a beauty industry that wishes to alter you completely.

Based on the old, sexist joke, women’s primary purpose in existence would be to change their men. It is the premise behind a 1000 comedy routines and zany sitcoms. But actually, women love men how they are. We actually do.

You now might doubt us whenever we buy skincare products for you personally that do not even remotely meet your needs, nor your way of life. You may even question: “How can this be lady getting me something known as a lifting serum? Does she think I look droopy?” Or: “Does she want me to smell sweet and fruity? Wrong with smelling like motorcycle leather, or motor oil when I have been focusing on my wheels?” Should you judge our feelings for you personally through the so-known as beauty items we very often upgrade on you, you’d think you want to transform you right into a primping, eternally youthful, metro-sexual playboy type of guy, as opposed to the masculine man we have arrived at love.

Let us set the record straight. Your spouses and female friends don’t wish to change you.

Please understand. We don’t wish to change you. We simply would like you to be ok with your skin you are in, confident concerning the image you project, and able to meet whatever challenges existence throws the right path. Because we like the masculine man that you’re and also you deserve the most effective we are able to find for you personally. That’s all. Simple, right?

Regrettably, whenever we hit the shops searching for top-finish Masculine Face Care ™ items that be affected by it philosophy, we can not locate them in the shops. They are not there. The thing is, we ladies have counter upon counter, aisle upon aisles from the latest and finest skincare and anti-aging options, however for masculine men as if you, there’s a scanty range of misguided lotions and potions created for some totally imaginary guy. A man who does not mind investing in a ten-step program. A man who’d tone, peel, scrub and moisturize. A man who “exfoliates”. A man whose overpowering scent lingers at work elevator lengthy after he’s walked off. Within our heart of hearts, we all know that isn’t you, but even without the every other options, we all do the very best we are able to with what’s available.