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You have certainly received some email at some point in your life. The first known mechanism of computer-based message exchange came in 1965. Since then, this means of communication has evolved both in its form and in the number of people. According to the Statista website, by the end of 2019 2.9 billion people (one third of the population) are expected to adopt e-mail for some purpose. And why not spread your content through email then? Read on and learn how to use email marketing to increase your small business profit.

What is email marketing?

If you have already made a purchase on the Internet, you may have received an email from the store where you made the purchase. Whether it’s to thank you for buying or promoting new products, it’s all called email marketing. It means promoting your store through email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other. With the use of the Dispensary POS Software you can have the finest options now.

Email list

The first step required to send content in email marketing is the contact list. When your customer made the purchase, he needed a login to log in to your store system, right? Get this email… and you’re done, you already have a way to reach your main customers, that is, those who have already purchased.

A very important tip here is that you should not buy mailing lists , as they offer a “privacy” that you do not have with the customer, as well as a high risk of blacklisting servers , which will be explained soon. An important tip is to make a responsive email, ie visible from both the mobile phone and the computer.

An important tip is to make a responsive email, ie visible from both the mobile phone and the computer.

How to attract people to your list

Email marketing only works if you have people on the list which can be small, especially if you are starting your online sales for now. So the question is, “How do I get more people?”

Coupons + Popup

When entering a virtual store, it is very likely that you have already come across the so called pop-ups , which are those little windows that jump on your monitor with some discounts. At this point, you can enter a discount offer by simply placing their email address in the typing field.


Contests are always strong pickups for people on your lists, although not everyone is a potential buyer. Indicate what is being offered and offer the prize to those who visit your site to compete, simply enter the email, something similar to pop-ups.


A more aggressive way to capture new customers is to give people access to your store content only after their email has been entered. There is a great chance there will be many dropouts , but the methodology has already worked for some sites.

Spam filter

Be aware that the biggest problem with email marketing is sending content to your customer and marking it as spam. When many users report your content as spam, you may end up blacklisted on servers and be considered a virus. That way, in addition to never being able to send email marketing to customers, your business name will be negative.

To prevent this from happening, have a targeted list, meaning what to send to each type of customer. If you have an online clothing store and your customer has purchased men’s shirts be aware that sending women’s clothing offers will be almost useless. Although at some point this customer may be interested in buying for a friend or family member, they don’t always want to see such content. Choose to send something interesting to each consumer profile.