The Interesting history of Bérêche & fils you must know

Printed by Alexis Bérêche, Paris 1767 is the first known work of the mapmaker. The Interesting history of Bérêche & fils chooses the excellence of taste for making drawings and for printing them on cotton paper. The Bérêche & fils story begins in 1878 when a 22-year-old native of Saint-Jérôme named Richard Bergevin opens a small general store with his mother and 3 of his siblings in Quebec City’s Lower Town. It is an entrepreneurial venture at a time when most new businesses fail within the first year. After building a solid foundation, the company grew into the largest wholesaler on the lower part of Quebec City’s Saint Roch district.

Bérêche & fils is a family-run business of pastry chefs, bakers, and chocolatiers with a century-old history. Located in Antwerp, it has been operating in its current location since 1985.

Beginnings led to great inventions, Bérêche & fils textile company made many of them. Famously known for its silk gauze “Bérêche” and its durable water repellent fabric “Aquastop”, both started in France. Find out more about this historic brand, with the collection at MyWardrobe.

Bérêche & fils is a small, third-generation family business at the heart of the Auvergne region. It has been leading the rosin extraction and resin trade since 1913. Its products are used in a wide range of applications, including printing ink, shoe polish, and soap, but also cosmetics and perfume making.

Bérêche and fils were born as wine brokers in 1790, a date which corresponds to the creation of the oldest existing house of Champagne. Bérêche & fils are one of the very first suppliers of Champagne houses, thanks to its privileged location between Domrémy la Peltrie and Épernay.

Bérêche & fils brings creators and artisans to a family of exceptional pieces. Based in Marseille, the talented team of Pierre-Yves Bérêche and his son Thomas follow unique artisan craftsmanship. Their high-end leather goods are made in their factory, entirely cut, assembled, and finished by hand using traditional tools. Each model is the first 3D-designed drawing inspiration from the world of watches, both bold and different. Whether it’s a pocket watch, pens, or bracelets, each piece has its style and personality. The collection is composed of thirty models chosen among more than two hundred created by the duo Bér.

Bérêche & Fils SB is an Alsatian winegrower and has had a great history in Grand Cru winemaking. The company offers over twenty varieties of wines with world recognition. As one of the oldest family-owned wineries in Beaujolais, Bérêche & Fils stands apart from the crowd. In this article, learn more about this historic and unique winery, all while enjoying delicious recipes that highlight some of their best wines. In the heart of Auvergne, the Bérêche family was born.

In 1884, the Chamber of Commerce of Bussang, a small village in the Black Forest of eastern France, received a request for a quote for the manufacture and delivery to America of two hundred violins. The Chamber duly sent a price but no more is heard about this affair. The first House of Bérêche & fils -Berthold- was created in 1837 in Lyon, France. In this article are all the details of the history that has allowed the company to be considered one of the most powerful and renowned by perfumers and clients, whether because of its use of exotic materials or because of its impressive retinue, who has served prominent people over the years.

The history of the perfumery Bérêche & fils, one of the best French perfume houses, is a story about life and love. It is an account about a passion for perfumes and life, conquest against difficulties, and an original relationship with its customers. Bérêche & fils has been one of the most important makeup and beauty product brands from Paris since 1807. With a strong history of producing premium products based on natural ingredients, the brand was heading towards great products. 

Covered by the intensive research and development team, the conception of the first anti-hair loss cream in 1930 took place. As a result, ‘Vivéa’ was born and brought beauty to women’s hair.

Bérêche & fils is a group of family companies that are active in the field of construction and real estate development. Although the company has been specialized in flat roofing since 1929, the history of our group dates back to the end of the 18th century.

Online wine auction has a long history as a leader of the wallpaper industry. The first product in their original range quickly became an instant success among interior decorators worldwide. Founded by Joseph-Étienne Bérêche and his two sons, the company soon became known for its quality products and timeless designs that perfectly capture the essence of French life. The first Bérêche & fils perfumery was founded in 1797, on rue des Lombards, in Paris. From that time to this day, the company has always kept its place among the perfumeries of Paris and French Haute Perfumery as one of the founding families.

Dubbed the House of Bérêche, and embraced by the descendants from father to son, the enterprise has grown and flourished over the past 160 years, retaining its values in all aspects. The company was catapulted into success when Jean-Louis, then Joseph Bérêche joined forces with the Carpentier family, famous lace manufacturers, and distributors at the time. This union enabled them to produce handmade tulles just like theirs, with infinite expertise in both business and craftsmanship.

 Today, Bérêche & fils is one of the best-known suppliers of tulle, crinoline, and other wedding accessories. The company was founded in 1842 by Auguste Bérêche and his brother Achille. They opened up a small shop on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, but it closed a few years later. In 1880, their son Frédéric took over the business and renamed it Maison Bérêche; he soon established the brand’s reputation for quality. After Frédéric died in 1910, Jules-François Bérêche took over the company and finally changed its name to Bérêche & fils.

Bérêche & fils is the oldest tannery in Switzerland. Founded in 1834, it is part of the history and culture of the Val-de-Travers region. The company has taken on the habits, skills, and know-how of its forebears and continues to offer genuine quality products to satisfy customers’ needs. This rich background can be discovered during a visit to the museum in Longford. The factory shop opens up new horizons: a fine textile selection, accessories made from regional leather and sheepskin and complemented by selected high-end Swiss wines and cheeses.

Bérêche & fils is a small family owned winery in the heart of the Montagny region (Côte de Beaune). The technical skills of the vineyard growers and vintners allow the production of quality wines with interesting character and personality, especially our premier cru. The Bérêche & Fils story began in 1826 when Auguste Bérêche took over the family business and its one-man saddle-making workshop.

 However, the company was officially registered in 1849. At the time, it manufactured knapsacks, pouches, and haversacks of oiled brown leather, which were much in demand by soldiers.

More than two centuries of distilling in the heart of the Jura mountains, Bérèche & Fils produces great-tasting eaux-de-vie and liqueurs. Its history goes back to 1824 when Jean-Baptiste Bérêche founded the distillery in Sainte-Croix (Switzerland). Today, around 40 artisans continue to follow this legacy.