The Best Ways To Create A Photogenic Retail Space

One of the most important aspects of high street retail is online presence. This is not only managed with a brand’s own content, sharing images and captions to an audience, but also passively and through the experience that is offered to customers. 

A positive shopping experience, for example, is likely to mean that a customer will be positive toward a brand on their personal platforms, helping to improve the impressions others might have. This type of advertising, essentially word-of-mouth, is invaluable. What’s more, it can be supported not only by the friendly personalities of sales representatives but also by the design of retail space.


Before you start concerning yourself with the aesthetics and embellishments of retail space, the foundations must first be in place. To encourage photographs, which will be taken by customers and of products and displays, this foundation is lighting.

A store must be well-lit, either by artificial or natural light, so as to enable and encourage shoppers to take photographs. Additionally, more light offers itself to more flattering photographs, which will be essential for making products look as great as possible.


It is then important to create a space that is photo-friendly, one where every aspect of retail design and store furniture, from shelves and mannequins to sign fittings and display racks, is visually appealing. Much of this visual appeal comes from both the quality of furnishings and their aesthetic cohesion. 

This means that retailers should design a space with clear intention, whereby furniture and retail assets are designed to sit together visually, lending themselves not only to functionality but also visual taste.


Statement pieces can be in a number of forms. Some retailers choose a striking wallpaper or colour scheme, whereas others might install a neon light statement, one that shares a brand message. These statement pieces are ideal for those wanting to create a photogenic space because they not only appeal to keen-eyed photographers, encouraging individuals to take photos, but they also create a landmark design that draws in other shoppers. 

Soon you will find your statement design appearing only, drawing attention to your products and store space.

Dedicated Spaces

Another quality of photogenic retail spaces is dedicated photo areas. This is especially important for lifestyle and clothing brands, whereby products are often photographed and shared online. Some clothing retailers, for example, will design changing rooms that allow for impressive backdrops and with dedicated studio lighting, so as to emphasise the quality and experience of those trying on products.

Other retailers will simply curate an area that serves as a product backdrop, one whereby photos can be taken without the sense of imposing upon shoppers.


A simple way to encourage shoppers to share photographs in-store is to quite literally ask them to. Offers and competitions, as well as dedicated hashtags, are an easy way to see your online presence grow, as more shoppers share their photographs online, also giving brands images that they can use themselves to promote their products.