Set An Example for the best Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is much more than just a place where food is prepared. it is where we cook, dine, entertain guests and friends, perform tasks, and so on. As a result, while renovating it, it is essential to pay it particular attention. It’s not just about replacing some furniture and a counter because they’re trendy. It’s about assessing the significance and use of the item in the home. Choosing the modern kitchen ideas will perhaps be the best choice that you can make here.

Carefully Analyze the Availability of Space

The first step is to establish how much kitchen space we have and what kind of kitchen is best for our home. A 4mt × 4mt kitchen is not the same as an 8mt x 2m kitchen, even if they add 16mt. Kitchens in the L, kitchens in the U, linear kitchens, and kitchens with islands are the most popular kinds.

Evaluate the Type of Use You Will Make of the Kitchen

A chef’s kitchen is not the same as a pastry chef’s kitchen, a housewife’s kitchen, or a bachelor’s kitchen. Keeping this in mind can help you design what you’ll need in your kitchen, such as an oven tower, cabinets, extra work space, a bar for auxiliary seats, and so on.

Make a wish list for the kitchen and then, with the assistance of the architect or designer, come to an agreement on what can and cannot be done based on the available space. He will most likely assist you in distributing and planning the specifics. Use Foyr Neo for the proper designing here.

If your kitchen is in the shape of an L or U, take advantage of the corner modules by adding accessories that enable you to comfortably use such areas. keep in mind that they must have at least 90 cm of internal space.

If you like cooking but don’t have enough space in your apartment, you may be able to forego the dining room or, better yet, incorporate it into your kitchen.

Ergonomics Will Improve Your Kitchen Experience

Once you’ve decided on the form and features you want in your kitchen, it’s time to design it. Keep in mind that your design must be ergonomic. you don’t want to be tripping over people. Here are five important things to remember:

  • At least 1.25 cm between the island and the rest of the kitchen if you want two people to work in your kitchen at the same time.
  • Set back 7.5 cm from the front of the furniture with skirting boards or posts.
  • Knee clearance on the auxiliary bars must be at least 25 cm.
  • The counter’s final height is 90 cm (this is the standard measurement, it may vary in special conditions)
  • The distance between the lower and higher furniture is 57 cm.

Remember that you don’t need a lot of money to remodel the areas; all you need is a little imagination. Make effective use of what you currently have. This is the first consideration you should make before beginning the renovation process.