Safeco Auto Insurance For Teen Drivers

Getting a brand new car is a thrilling experience. But before you get on the road, protect yourself from the adventures life may throw at you with the help of an exhaustive auto insurance policy that covers your needs and requirements. Save on costs while keeping the safety and peace of mind of young drivers in mind with a sound insurance scheme. Safeco has policies that are specifically designed with teen drivers in mind, catering to their every need. It’s not easy, and risks are abundant. That’s why Safeco offers your family the tools you need to smoothen the ride and help your teen be a safe driver on the streets. You can also add them to an existing policy, cutting down costs and paperwork. Glowing Safeco car insurance reviews are a testament to their focus on safety and quality.

Teen Safety Rewards is a program designed exclusively for teen drivers. Ask your local independent agent about the benefits that the scheme will bring, and about anything else you’d want to know. Here are some key facets that make the program such a big hit with young drivers and their families:

Good Student Discount

Yep, your teen’s grades really can make a difference. If your teen maintains a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher, makes the honor roll or is in the top 20 percent of their class, you get to avail a discount on your policy. An added incentive for them to get their grades up.

Driver Training Discount

This discount is available on policies when your teen finishes their approved driver education program. Start out on the road with a discount!

Distant Student Discount

This is available if your teen is in a school over 100 miles away from a home without a car. This helps your teen show up for picnics every week in a brand-new car. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Newly Independent Discount

You can avail of this cut in pricing when a driver who is listed on an existing Safeco policy decides to opt for a policy of their own. This is a perfect means for new college graduates to cut down on costs when they shift from their parents’ policy. A discount that celebrates independence.

New Teen Reward

If you have been a loyal Safeco customer for over a year, save up to an incredible 27 percent when you add a new teen to an existing policy. This lowers the bar of entry for your teen to hit the road.

Tenure Reward

If you have been a Safeco customer for over two years, get a discount at your next renewal if you have a teen driver or add one to your policy.

With impressive rewards that whittle down costs and boosts savings, it’s no surprise that families love Safeco policies. Protect your teen from the unexpected with a policy from people who have the safety of your family as their top priority. Positive Safeco car insurance reviews speak the truth. Enroll your teen in Safeco’s Teen Rewards program today!