Point of Sale Systems that Support Cash Discount Merchant Services Programs

From online sales to contactless payments, POS or Point of Sales systems help in improving the overall customer experience. They make it seamless for businesses –both medium-scale and small-scale businesses, to track the overall sales, inventory, and employee performance. Additionally, the POS solution is capable of supporting Omni-channel experiences. These signify seamless transitions between online sales, phone, and in-store sales.

As a matter of fact, around 41 percent of retailers aim at upgrading or replacing the existing POS. At the same time, around 59 percent of the retailers aim at prioritizing Omni-channel experiences with the help of the existing POS solutions.

With a wide range of advanced point of sale systems available in the market, the selection of the best Point of Sale system for your small business might appear challenging. Based on your specific requirements for software and hardware options, the overall ease of use, pricing packages, customer services, and specialized features, you can choose the best one for your business.

An Introduction to the Cash Discount Programs

Credit card processing is available with expensive fees. In the modern era, it has become expensive for the merchants. It is a major challenge for businesses having smaller budgets. Interchange fees or swipe fees might become a major financial burden on your overall business if you have made the decision to accept debit or credit card payments. This is one of the main reasons why a majority of merchants look forward to the option of cash discounting on the respective credit card processing services.

The cash discount program is available with a wide range of benefits for businesses of all scales and types. However, there are both pros as well as cons to having a no-cost merchant account. In many cases, most business owners are not aware of the main concept of the program and its overall benefits.

Top POS for Supporting Cash Discount Merchant Services

Your small business requires much more than a mere cash register for increasing sales and accepting payments. You require a dedicated POS or Point of Sale system for recording sales data, managing inventory, generating reports, and storing customer-centric contact data. Here are some of the best options for the POS systems that you can consider for your business:


It offers affordable Point of Sale software capabilities along with access to excellent POS hardware solutions. The pricing plans for Clover’s software fit the varying budget requirements of various business stores. The prices for the software solutions start at around $9.95 per month. It also comes with a free trial basis of 30 days to test the software solution.

The POS solution by Clover offers support to contactless payments and online ordering. The software solution also allows its users to make use of third-party hardware systems upon checking the compatibility. Alternatively, you can also consider purchasing the hardware components by Clover.

Clover offers a wide range of hardware peripherals. These can help in completing the POS system of any restaurant business. You can consider including cash drawers, barcode scanners, printer paper, POS stands, weight scales, and so more. Clover also puts forth the collection of accessories that tend to be compatible with specific hardware types. This will allow you to easily come across the right type of hardware components that would be compatible with your system.


It is a one-stop POS software solution for small business owners. These are capable of accepting customer card payments and managing the respective business. Square offers access to dedicated POS plans for businesses involved in the retail and restaurant industries. For professional solution providers, you can include additional conveniences like appointment-booking capabilities.

Square offers a wide range of software options for catering to different sizes and types of businesses. It is one of the few providers that deliver access to free programs. The only requirement is that you should process payments with the help of the in-house payment processing platform. Rather than charging some flat fee, the amount that you are paying is dependent on the overall sales.

For invoice payments and in-person transactions, you will be required to pay 2.6 percent of the given transaction. For online payments, you will be paying around 2.9 percent of the transaction along with 20 cents on every transaction.


It is an all-in-one Point of Sale as well as restaurant management platform. The POS system of this service provider offers all capabilities that a restaurant business owner might require –including back-house operations, front-of-house transactions, guest-facing technology, and so more. Toast is known to help busy restaurant business owners the capability of managing their own sales. In addition to this, business owners are also capable of processing credit card & debit card transactions, along with contactless payments.

The system also helps in assisting with labor management, marketing, online ordering, and so more. The partner network of Toast allows customer access to third-party apps. The service provider offers establishments of all sizes & scales, including casual & fine dining, bars & nightclubs, fast casual, bakeries, cafes, and multi-location restaurants.


To come across the best POS system for small-scale businesses, you should review several factors –hardware costs and types, subscription fees and prices, payment processing options, and advanced features.

Cash discount implementation in your business comes with a wide range of challenges as well as benefits. However, it turns out to be more successful when you follow the rules.