How your business could hit its net-zero targets

woman in blue crew neck t-shirt using silver macbookAchieving net zero is important for every business. Whether it’s simply to be kinder to the planet, save money, or future-proof your business, there are several reasons why achieving net-zero is so important for you. The question is, how do you get there?

In this guide, we’ll outline a few key steps that will help your business to achieve its sustainability targets.

Use a facilities management company that cares about the environment

Any business that wants to cut costs and keep its premises to a high standard needs to utilize the services of a facilities management company. However, some of these companies are better than others.

For example, some will priorities sustainability and will use practices and products that are better for the environment. When considering which of these companies to hire, make sure you choose one that has priorities that align with yours.

Go paperless

With the technology available today, most businesses are able to go entirely paperless. Look at areas in your company where you can replace paper with digital offerings. This will help you to cut down on printing and stationery costs, whilst also being kinder to the planet as well.

Make sure that you give your team the training they need to use these digital tools with confidence.

Review your suppliers

As we mentioned earlier, the suppliers that you work with have an impact on your carbon emissions. Take the time to speak to your current suppliers and understand their views on sustainability. If their goals align with yours, great! If not, see what changes they are willing to make moving forward. As tough as it may be, it may be necessary to change suppliers.

Update your packaging

Plastic can be very harmful to the planet and is abundant in much of the packaging used today. If you use excessive, single-use plastic, it’s time for a change. There are plenty of alternatives that will save you money, be kinder to the planet, and possibly increase your sales.

Customers are looking to vote with their wallets, and buy from companies that have the values that they do. Using environmentally conscious packaging is a great way to show what matters to your business and reduce your carbon footprint.

Consider remote or hybrid working

Workspaces are another area where businesses can reduce their impact. When you consider the energy usage, waste creation, and cost of a workspace, it’s an area you should definitely consider making some changes in.

Hybrid or remote working is a way for you to cut down on your impact and save money in the process! Furthermore, you’ll be able to increase the work-life balance of your staff at the same time.

Final Thoughts

By taking the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be on the right track to achieving your net-zero targets.