How to pay your phone bills online safely

Paying your bills online is not only useful in recent times, but it has also become necessary. If you are making an Airtel postpaid bill payment or paying for other bills, you can do so over multiple platforms today. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most of us to come out with alternative ways to do our work, pay our bills and continue our livelihood. In addition to the Airtel Payments Bank platform, there are quite a few more ways in which you can carry pay your bills online. Let us take a look at some of those.

  1. Making payments on the website of the companies

You can make a postpaid bill payment directly on the website of your network service provider. You will need to create an account by registering yourself. You will need to offer details to identify yourself, fetch the bill and pay through a suitable payment gateway. The process is fairly easy and straightforward. There is nothing wrong that you would do as long as you browse to the correct website. Also, this method of payment is quite safe. You would also receive a mail or text once your payment is successful.

  1. Making payment through the bank

You can make payments through your net banking platform too. Since you would be paying money directly from your account, it is a good idea to use net banking for Airtel bill payment. There is a billing section in your net banking where you can add billers and make the necessary payments. Unlike the last method, you can use this platform to make payments to multiple platforms. You can enter the amount that you need to pay or automate the payment. This is definitely a very secure method to make payments as the banks use high-level encryption and other technologies to take care of customers’ data.

  1. Using digital wallets and smartphone apps

A lot of new startups offer another way to make payments. You can create digital wallets on your smartphone apps that can be used for your Airtel mobile bill payment. You can even make payments through the Unified Payment Interface or UPI. It is one of the most convenient methods of digital payments available in the country today. A person who wants to make a transaction will need to create a VPA or Virtual Payment Address that can be created only through the mobile number linked to his bank account. This method of payment is also very secure

  1. Using the Airtel Payments bank platform

Probably the best option for Airtel postpaid bill payment is the Airtel Payments Bank platform. This will offer good cashback and a secure method to make your bill payments. This platform has an easy interface. You can recharge your phone, DTH, or FASTag, make bill payments for water, electricity, or broadband among other things. You can even transfer money to your peers.

These are some of the ways in which you can pay your bills safely.