How To Find the Date of Incorporation of a Company in India?

Prospective investors may be wondering how to find out the date of incorporation of a company in India. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because the Indian government is very strict about how it handles corporate information. But you may need to find out such information if you are competing against other companies in the same business. 

For example, you may want to check the age of such competitors so you’ll know how much of a head start they have in India. And of course, you may like to learn how their company is performing. For that, the first thing you would want to do is look for their public documents of incorporation.

Others may choose to look into the public documents of other companies to learn how incorporation is done. Investors should familiarize themselves with the incorporation process so their own company will be registered in an acceptable way.

MCA Is Guardian of Corporate Affairs

Anyone who wants to know the date of incorporation of company in India should visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Their website will ask that you register first and then pay a fee so that you can view public documents. You have up to three hours to view such public records after you have paid the fee.

Why MCA Is Very Strict About Public Documents

The Indian government has to put these kinds of legal procedures in place so that there’s no chaos in the business. The system works like that for all companies. However, there are public documents of some companies that you cannot legally access this way. You might also experience difficulties to have true copies of public documents, depending on the company you are researching about.

It is a bit tedious becoming a legitimate business service provider in India. But it’s also reassuring that the Indian government treats company incorporation seriously. That way, the government will find out who has been doing research about your firm. This also assures foreign investors that they will be able to compete fairly even amongst many competitors in India.


So, we taught you how to find out the date of incorporation of a company, you can set up your own company. It can be a bit difficult trying to set up a company since there are business sectors reserved for Indian citizens. But the Indian government does permit foreign nationals to come in and do business. 

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