Good Self-Marketing: The Key To Long-Term Success

Self-praise stinks – you certainly know this saying from your childhood. Most are educated to modesty and then, as adults, draw a virtuous feeling from their reserve. However, those who want to start as freelancers or entrepreneurs and position their business, should quickly say goodbye to his modesty and stir the drum for themselves – and loud! It is not about showing off, but only about a healthy self-confidence.

What Does it Entail?

Some of you will now say that is diligence, obstinacy or talent. To what extent that applies to me, I do not know. Sure, it’s not easy to build a business, stay on the ball and take setbacks and go ahead. Certainly, my passion for my work will benefit me. But even if I had a lot of talent, passion and competence, that alone would not necessarily make me successful in the long term. Even if we succeed, a good self-marketing strategy can trigger a turbo mode that will ensure your long-term success. That’s exactly what we want!

Fortunately, it became clear to me relatively quickly that a successful positioning of one’s own business can only succeed with personal branding, i.e. good self-marketing. Does it sound overbearing? It doesn’t! Personal branding is not about praising oneself or making you better than you are, but just a meaningful account of yourself and your professional skills—you can create questionnaire (ทำแบบสอบถาม which is the term in Thai) about this.

That’s Why Self-Marketing Is So Important

It is – I have to repeat myself – not just your competence or passion that makes you successful in your career, but above all your image and your reputation. For example, if you want to land new jobs, you have to make yourself visible to a large circle of potential customers and that works best through targeted and meaningful self-marketing like having to promote youtube channal service (โปรโมท youtube which is the term in Thai).

Stop, objection! You may be thinking, I do not want to market myself, but to put my product in the spotlight. That’s alright. But there are two good reasons why you should promote your product as well as yours:

  • Better paying clients
  • Better References
  • Better exposure

I think the three points above are self-explanatory, so always endeavor to properly market yourself.