Get aware of GPB capital funds

GPB was one of the rapidly growing private placement firms that sell shares through independent broker-dealers. Investors who invested in GPB holdings suffered huge losses and the investors are now seeking relief. The GPB investors are represented by lawyers and the attorneys are preparing themselves to initiate strong action against the company and seek compensation on behalf of the investors who have suffered losses due to their GPB investment. Investors who feel have lost money in GPB investment programs should contact lawyers for a discussion regarding their loss recovery options. 

GPB Capital is an asset management firm based in New York that has raised millions of dollars from various investors from all across the country. Several broker-dealers along with their representatives sold private placement. The registered representatives and the broker-dealers received millions as commission and fees for the sale of their products. GPB investors are witnessing a massive drop in the investment value and this investment is investigated by federal and state regulators. GPB has tried to console its investors through statements that it returned a huge amount of money to its investors via distributions that acts like dividends. According to the company, it has returned almost 15 percent of the capital. 

Role of investors

Investors in GPB capital are concerned about the money that has lost in GPB programs. The investors can contact security attorneys and can discuss the legal options with them. Many law firms are working with the investors and they are investigating activities related to GPB capital. Investors who have lost money in GPB capital should contact the attorneys who can provide the investors with useful information and discuss the option to recover the losses incurred by them while investing in GPB capital.

An investigation by security lawyers

The law firms that are representing the investors who have lost money due to misconduct or investment-related fraud in GPB capital are presently investigating GPB’s placement sales. The firms take the cases on a fee basis and the firms get paid from the money recovered by the clients from GPB. These lawyers have represented several victimized investors all over the globe and have huge experience in dealing with investment fraud cases. Investors who feel who suffered huge losses by investing in this company can easily contact a law firm dealing with investment fraud cases. These firms have eminent lawyers who have huge experience in these cases. With their help, you can definitely recover your losses.