Everything you need to know about Fume Extractors

This guide for fume extraction system is compiled in order to make you better understand the benefits, types, and some important considerations of the fume extraction system. Here is the fume extraction system guide:

The benefits of the fume extraction system

There are many benefits that will make you want to invest in the fume extraction system. The system will help in avoiding sickness and illness to your workers in your workspace and also helps in maintaining and preserving the health and well being of the people who work in your facility.

Types of fume extraction systems 

  • Mechanical Dilution Ventilation

This system makes use of roof exhaust and fans to reduce the airborne contaminants. The mechanical dilution ventilation makes use of wall fans to function and clear the fumes in the area of work.

  • Local exhaust ventilation

This system works in removing the toxic pollutants before they even enter into the worker’s work area.

  • Downdraft table

It is a simple yet effective source-capture fume extraction system. The fumes are drawn downwards and towards an exhaust ducting, which will prevent the fumes from rising and mixing into the air of the worker’s area. They are more suitable for smaller workplaces.

  • Portable high vacuum (PHV)

This system is optimal for small welding shops and maintenance facilities. It can also be installed in places like schools. It is ideal for places with confined spaces and places that are difficult to reach. These units have a higher degree of flexibility and, therefore, can be taken anywhere as per the needs.

  • Mobile Fume Extractors

They are designed in such a way that it can be wheeled around the facilities as needed to the sources of where the contaminants originate from. They come in three variants – light, medium, and heavy-duty. They are also available with disposable filters and self-cleaning filters.

  • Stationary fume extractors

These require a lot of floor space. They are available in lightweight variants, though. For workshops that require medium to heavy-duty systems, the wall-mounted or self-cleaning wall-mounted units can be considered.

How to choose a fume extraction system? 

Portable and mobile fume extractors can be considered if you are looking for a fume extractor in a restricted small workspace. Larger facilities with high welding operations will require a much more in-depth solution with much more sophistication. Extraction hoods can be used for areas that have regular welding functions.