Dropshipping in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has affected everything in literal aspect. From education to job, everything took a back foot while racing for life. For quite a long time people were confused and worried because of the frightening worldwide effects of the disease. But slowly we tried to get back the controls in our hands. The same happened with even big commerce dropshipping. It also suffered the rage of the pandemic in the form of standstill manufacturing, less orders and problems with supply chain. But as we found ways to cope with it, we recognized that dropshipping can actually offer more in this pandemic situation. A few modifications and strategies can help to speed up your business once again.

The problems

Customers are spending more and more time on online shopping and there has been a surge. But the problem lies within the system. The very first problem is the lack of transportation. There are fewer flights available and the flights that are available get the products quarantined to ensure safety. People are getting quarantined and it has reduced the human resources that handle the delivery process. All these are standing in the way of fast and timely service. As a seller you can actually handle the challenges with a few strategies.

Communication is the key

In such a situation, delivering a product is definitely not a walk in the park. Never go on promising your customers fast service without communicating with your supplier. Learn about the interruptions in the process and probable delivery timing. Also try to get a deal on in-demand products like best seller on amazon to make sure that those get delivered timely. Make sure to upgrade your customer service. Customers like to get hear from businesses and get necessary information. Always let them know about the reasons for the delays in delivery and assure proper delivery. Never forget to thank them for being patient.