Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover Fire Damage?

What Does Your Auto Insurance Coverage Cover?

According to specialists in the auto insurance sector, if you buy car insurance online, which is comprehensive, the insurance provider will give coverage for any fire-related losses or damages to your vehicle. These losses and damages may be internal or exterior, such as harm to the car’s wiring or harm to the electrical connections of various electrical parts and vehicle components resulting from the fire. For claim settlement purposes, fire is defined as igniting in or of the car in visible flames. In this way, if your automobile is destroyed due to a short circuit or overheating, the insurer will not accept your claim because it is not a true fire.

Hence, the comprehensive plan will pay for any damage or loss to your car caused by a fire. Nevertheless, third-party insurance does not provide coverage for these damages. If the loss or damage were caused by fire, external force, or internal causes, the insurance provider would honour the claim under a complete plan.

How to File a Claim in Certain Situations

When your car catches fire, you should call the police and your motor insurance company right away to report the problem. Immediate disclosure of the problem to the insurance company facilitates setting up a spot survey. The surveys were conducted on-site to aid in resolving the claim quickly. Requesting a thorough copy of the incident’s FIR from the insurer is another option. In turn, this aids the insurer in conducting their inquiry. If it is determined during the inquiry that the accident was premeditated or the consequence of an intentional attempt by the insured to get insurance, the claim is denied.

Necessary Documents For Claim Settlement

  • Completely completed and signed claim form FIR and copy of insurance policy FIR
  • To prove the losses caused by damage to the insured vehicle, an evaluation or survey report is used.
  • If the fire brigade is called, a report
  • Original invoices for purchases or repairs.
  • Cutting off the section of the newspaper that reports on the disturbances.

Cases Where A Claim Is Rejected

There are a few circumstances in which your car insurance claim is denied if it catches fire.

  • Mechanical mistakes: Mechanical flaws including fuel seepage, oil leaks, overheating engines, high pressure on the car’s weak points, etc.
  • Because of the sparks caused by a rip in the car’s electrical wiring system: Sparks fly through the car’s battery, which is unable to support the installation of other extra equipment.
  • Air conditioner replacement or installation, LPG gas kits, etc.: Defects or short circuits as a result of the electrical system’s wiring being modified to accommodate the installation of additional accessories such amplifiers, woofers, fog lamps, headlamps, air filters, alarms, etc.

Hence, if your car sustains damage from a fire and you buy car insurance online, file a claim; if it is valid, your insurance company will pay for it. And alwaysrenew your car insurance on time.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.