Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy And Safe Usage

Communication technology has progressed over the years, making messaging simpler than ever. People can also choose which form of communication they prefer, from text messages to multimedia messages, emails, chats, voice calls, and even video calls.

Whether for business or personal use, messaging applications will continue to grow in the coming years. Moreover, mobile instant messaging (IM) applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, and Signal are the present frontrunners in the market.

Since many use these apps even when working in regulated industries, firms in these sectors are mandated to archive messages conducted over mobile communication apps. Regulated companies must ensure that no illicit activities transpire under their network.

Still, mobile IM apps are inherently non-compliant with archiving regulations. Therefore, enterprises in the regulated industry must work with reliable third-party solution providers that enable efficient and secure mobile call monitoring and WhatsApp call recording.

Reputable vendors like TeleMessage offer safe and reliable solutions that retain mobile content like SMS messages, voice calls, WeChat, and WhatsApp communication to ensure due diligence for regulatory compliance. They offer multiple archiving solutions so that different organizations can find the right tools and blends for their operational requirements.

Communication apps widely vary from one another in terms of encryption, privacy, and safe usage. To know more about the matter, see the infographic below from TeleMessage.