Best color schemes for websites can get you more customers

While designing a site, the color and texture is the most important component that needs to be taken into consideration to make it look attractive. Color schemes for websites play a vital role in catching interest of the site viewers. There are so many modern textures prevailing which can make the site look interesting with natural, bright, dark and earthy features. You can use any of these to make the site attractive.

Some top level colorations for sites and their background texture

  1. Multicolored and balanced – these colorations include both cool and warm tones which are mutually combined but not in an overwhelming way. These include combinations from bright and appealing bluish-green textures to earthy terracotta. They well suit the modern and youthful designs of the sites.
  2. Bright Accent coloration – this coloration texture contains shades of violet and blue and these shades are further combined with orange and bright red accents. The combination of orange-red accents and background of vivid blue texture helps the viewer to find the right places and icons of site immediately, from top to bottom of webpage.
  3. Earthy and natural – the nurturing outdoor scenes and blue sky like shades give a feeling of getting linked with surroundings. The earthy and natural textures are called ideal for site designing. These textures give a pleasant look to the site and also emphasizes on environment consciousness among the users.
  4. Fresh and cool – the emerald green and shadowy imperial blue texture together forms a refreshing and clean view of the site. These textures give a fresh and cool image to the site. These reliable and calm combinations give an ideal image to the site.
  5. Vibrant and audacious – the turquoise and coral red complexion gives vibrant and audacious look to the site, which easily catches the eyes of the viewers. These vibrant colors also include other textures like bold feather; this texture is perfect for modern and edgy designed sites.
  6. Russian green and vermilion – for giving a complete modern look to the sites, the pages are created with black background having bold accents. This complexion contains different red accents like auburn and vermillion and Russian green texture over black.