All You Need To Know About Shelf Company For Sale

In the corporate world, there are various types of entities that are available for investors to take advantage of potential investment opportunities. One such type of unconventional corporate entity is, in fact, the Shelf company for sale. A Shelf Company is a registered firm that has not taken part in any business activities and does not have any assets or liabilities. Thus, the term “shelf” is used to describe these firms as they are put on the shelf so that it can be purchased by investors in the long run. This is precisely where the services of experts such as AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong comes into play as professional guidance is quintessential when it comes to investment decision making in the financial world.

People prefer to purchase a Shelf Company that is on sale because it saves them a lot of time from the hassle of registration. The entire process of business registration can be time-consuming and can also prove to be expensive. Thus, purchasing a shelf company would not only save valuable time, but can also have cost savings.

When A Shelf Company Is Purchased The Following Standards Must Be Maintained:

  • All the existing shares of the Shelf Company have to be transferred to the buyer and the appointed directors.
  • Altering the registered address of the Shelf Company to the new address of the buyer.
  • Changing and updating the company directors.
  • Changing the company name as per the preference of the purchaser.

There are various benefits of acquiring a Shelf Company. The most relevant advantage of purchasing a Shelf Company is that business can be initiated almost immediately. Since the concerned firm is already registered and is legally recognized, the buyer can start business operations and trading immediately.  The aspect of gaining access to financial loans from various financial institutions and investors becomes comparatively easier. Simultaneously, the business can also initiate contracts and acquire assets more efficiently.

To fully realise the benefits of acquiring a Shelf Company, it is advisable to avail of the services of experts such as AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong so that the decision-making process becomes easier down the line with professional guidance and consultancy