A Guide for Doing Business in Singapore During the Circuit Breaker

Even if Singapore is in the second phase of the circuit breaker, it will take some time for companies to return to their regular operations. Or, in other words, businesses will have to change their ways to implement the ‘new normal’ in the workspaces. In this article, we will discuss some of the facts and tips that will help you while running your company during and after the coronavirus pandemic:

You Need to Apply for Relaunching your Business

You see, in the second phase of the circuit breaker, only companies where there will be no physical contact are allowed to run. To double-check on that, the government has asked business owners to make an application answering some questions and providing details which will decide on if they will be able to relaunch their operations.

To know more about it, you can look at the Steps to resume business Singapore.

Online Business is the New Normal

The general scope of the online business has broadened during the coronavirus lockdown. As of now, it doesn’t only mean e-commerce. Instead, when we say online business, now we mean that all the operations of a company are done through the internet.

COVID-19 is a perfect opportunity for firms to digitize their business activities. For starters, letting employees work from home as much as possible is a mandatory requirement if businesses want to operate during the circuit breaker. Furthermore, virtual meetings are to be conducted in place of physical meetings.

Companies need to train their employees to use various software for communication, bookkeeping and accounting, HR and payroll management etc. Furthermore, firms will themselves have to learn Internet Marketing, Social Media Management and other essential concepts.

Setting up a website and online bank accounts are essential to let customers purchase online. This also means you may need to increase your workforce or outsource some work. To know more about leveraging the internet for your business activities, you can refer to a Guide to doing business online Singapore.