7 Benefits of Getting FASTag Installed in Your Vehicle

The Indian government has introduced the FASTag feature to lower jams and long queues outside the tollbooths. Besides this, other benefits of FASTag are swift vehicle movement through the plaza without having to stop for the payment of toll, instantaneous toll recharge using the online platforms and reduced paper usage to create an ecofriendly environment.  

You can apply for FASTag either by approaching the online channel or bank branch directly. Once selected, ensure to keep all your important documents handy to buy the FASTag service without any hassle. You can also buy the FASTag service at any toll booth by showing your vehicle registration and your identification documents.

Go through top 7 FASTag benefits:

There are various reasons why this FASTag service is made mandatory by the Indian government. Note that reasons favor both the government and the vehicle owners.

  • Save fuel and time: FASTag installation eliminates the requirement to lower the speed of the vehicle when approaching the toll booth for making toll payments. As now with FASTag, you can easily move through the booth without slowing down, which means both - your fuel and time are saved.
  • Avoids traffic jams and congestions: As traffic near the toll plaza do not need to stop or slow down, there is no traffic congestion and jams around the tollbooth.
  • Eliminates the need for paying through cash: When traveling from one city or state to another, you frequently require crossing various toll plazas. With FASTag, now you can easily pay your tolls online and enjoy a hassle-free road journey.
  • Maintains a clear record concerning toll: FASTag makes it easy for you to maintain as well as track all your toll-linked expenses. In case you use a particular online site or platform for making your toll payments, you will receive an SMS and app notification when you conduct any toll payment through FASTag. Moreover, you also can track all your toll-linked expenses by checking your passbook on the online platform.
  • Caters transaction transparency: As all toll-linked transactions are electronic in nature, all the payments are recorded transparently. This leaves no scope for corruption, which was possible earlier due to cash transactions at the toll plaza.
  • Unlimited validity: FASTag comes with unlimited validity. This means, FASTag can be used until the tag is in readable form by the tollbooth and not tampered. This prevents the need for frequent FASTag re-registration.
  • Saves the environment: FASTag is aimed at benefiting the environment by lowering carbon emission, noise pollution and paper wastage.

Bottom line

Above listed FASTag benefits endows you with strong reasons to immediately register for this mandatory service if you have a 4-wheeler. Using this service is beneficial for both the parties i.e. the Indian government and car owners. The technology eyes on saving time, effort, money, and environment – all at once.

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