5 Quick Tips for the Travelling Photographer

If you are planning a vacation and love photography as a hobby, you will probably be looking at some tips on how you can combine both effectively. As a vacation, you will be doing all the standard sightseeing but will want to be able to take high-quality photographs when doing it.

We have come up with 5 tips that any photographer should be listening to if they want to go on vacation to take some awe-inspiring photographs.

  1. Research Your Locations

Quite obvious but the first thing that you should be doing as a photographer that likes to travel by taxi, is to find a destination that will provide the best photo opportunities. Use the internet before travelling and back that up by visiting the local tourist information centre to get their advice on any hidden gems that you may have missed.

  1. Travel Light

We would all like to bring our full photography kit when travelling but this is not going to be possible unless you are happy at paying extortionate amounts of money to do so. On most occasions, you should bring one camera, a portable tripod, portable storage unit and anything else that you feel is too important to leave behind.

  1. Bring Additional Storage

The last thing you want to do is run out of storage for your photos. Always make sure you have plenty and not just on your camera. Bring a laptop and perhaps an external hard drive just in case. As these Photo Stick reviews show, there are some other more portable options too. SSD cards and even cloud storage should also be used when possible. The latter is a good choice if you wanted additional security for your snaps.

  1. Only Bring the Right Lenses

Different locations and attractions will require different lenses. This is why it is important to do your research beforehand. We also previously mentioned that you do not have the luggage space to bring everything. Our recommendation if you could only bring one anywhere would be to choose a fast zoom lens such as a 28-300m.

  1. Be on Guard

In the main, you will probably enjoy safe travels wherever you go. There are, however, dangers lurking in all countries so it is best to always be on guard. Pickpockets are a common threat for tourists while you can never count against your hotel room being burgled. Always use your room safe and always keep a separate wad of cash somewhere in case your wallet goes missing.


Whether you are a professional photographer or somebody that just enjoys it as a hobby, the tips above should be useful if you are planning on taking a vacation. The key takeaways should be to be very selective about what you pack, to ensure that you have researched plenty of photo opportunities and to always make sure that you have read a Photostick review, SSD card review and/or an external hard drive review to gauge the best storage options.