5 Features that Every Share Market App Should Have

If you are into trading, then you need to stay updated about the market movement every minute. Gone are the days of floor trading, thanks to the high-speed internet and latest share market apps which have made trading more transparent, simple, faster and accessible. From checking the current market price of a stock to its recent market movement, these share market apps are everything you need in 2021 for trading.

There are many stock market apps in the Indian market with distinctive features. However, we list out five features that your share market app must offer to prove that they are the best in the market:

High Speed

You need a share market app that assists you in trading. Suppose you want to buy a TCS share. Before buying the TCS shares, you want to know about its recent update. So, you must be able to hover easily to the study page and your scrip buying page. But if your app works slow, then you might miss the chance of buying it at the right moment. So, look for an app that provides you with the best speed and doesn’t come in your way of trading decisions.

Easy UI/UX Design

Your trading app must have a simple and user-friendly interface. If your app does not have a simple UI, you will not be able to navigate through it properly. Thus, there are chances of losing on some excellent trading opportunities. An app user guide will be a helpful one for understanding the app better. 

Smart Customization Feature

There should be features in your trading app to customize as per your requirements. Such as – customized charts to analyze the data by using the chart style you prefer, the drawing tool you want to use and the colour of the graphs you want for your better understanding. Such a smart customization feature in the app will make your trading easy and efficient.

Real-Time Market Data

For your trading strategy, you must be able to access real-time market data on your app. These can be data related to Price, Volume, Top Losers, Top Gainers on the app. The real-time market data can help in decision making for a proper trading strategy.

Alerts and Notifications

It is not always possible for you to monitor the market trends. Notifications help a lot to know about new market developments. App notifications related to IPO, dividends or splits in advance helps to plan your investments. App alerts such as squaring off your intraday stocks, any pending document submission such as Power of Attorney (POA) signing and sending it to your brokers, etc. helps in smooth and efficient trading. 

Above are some of the must-have features to check in a share market app. However, you should look for some additional features in your app like:

  • High security of your data and transaction
  • Studies on market stocks
  • History of your holdings
  • Multiple Watchlist
  • Customer support

Check these features in your share market app and start your trading journey.